Irwin Industries installs:

  • Aluminum soffits
  • Vinyl soffits 

Soffit photo



The Real Truth About Soffits

Most houses need soffits. What is usually referred to as a soffit is the eaves soffit which is the area underneath the overhang of a roof. The soffit gives your home a finished look and provides ventilation into your roof through the soffit vents/perforated soffit. It helps to prevent moisture build-up, mould, mildew, and heat damage to your attic as well as prolonging the life of your roofing materials by promoting air movement on the underside of the roof. Air is sucked in through the soffits (soffit vents), circulating in the attic, and then exits via the roof vents on top of the roof. A properly ventilated soffit helps to cool your home in the summer and protect it year-round.
Most often people replace soffits to change the appearance of their home and virtually eliminate maintenance problems. Replacing existing soffits with new vented soffits almost always adds to the attic ventilation and is an excellent additional benefit.
No, we usually leave the existing stucco or wood soffits in place and cut additional ventilation openings in them. Removing stucco and wood soffits is very time consuming and messy. In most cases, there is no advantage to removing existing soffiting.
We use both aluminum and vinyl soffit. They are both durable and properly ventilated. These two types of soffit differ in appearance and slightly in price. You can choose from a number of colours and styles.